WARRENDALE, PA — Professional aerospace coatings applicators will be able to earn industry-approved qualifications through the Aerospace Coatings Applicator Specialist (ACAS) program, administered by PRI Qualification. The initiative will launch in 2021 following the recent release of a Coatings Applicator Body of Knowledge and the completion of a pilot program to qualify certifying agencies.

The ACAS program is underpinned by the SAE AS7489TM standard written by the SAE G8 Organic Coatings committee. The PRI Qualification program supports the operational delivery of ACAS working in collaboration with industry experts from companies including ADDEV Materials, Boeing, CFAN, Honeywell, Lockheed Martin, Nycote Laboratories, PPG, Saint Clair Systems, and professional development organizations such as SpaceTEC and SAE ITC. Individuals will be able to validate their skills through a network of global certifying agencies, and training providers will conduct training based on the Body of Knowledge and proctor practical assessments.

As Pennie Burnham, VP of Sales and Marketing with Nycote Laboratories Corp. and the new Chair of the PRI Qualification Coatings Applicator Review Board, explained that, with the certifying agency pilot process currently in progress, it is an exciting time to get involved. “The work that PRI is doing to establish an ACAS program couldn't come in a more timely moment. The ACAS program provides a universal level of quality, access to experienced certified technicians and trainers, and a Review Board to ensure compliance. This program is a great benefit for the aerospace industry,” said Burnham.

To participate in the program’s oversight through the PRI Qualification Coatings Applicator Review Board or to seek approval as a certifying agency or training provider, contact priqualification@p-r-i.org.