CLEVELAND — UVMax® Defender from Keyland Polymer UV Powder LLC provides added antimicrobial protection for Keyland Polymer’s entire line of UV cured powder coatings. The antimicrobial agent utilizes silver ion technology to help keep surfaces and products safer.

UVMax Defender can be used on plastic, composite, medium density fiberboard (MDF), wood, and metal substrates and is suitable for healthcare, public transportation, hospitality, education, food service, consumer goods, or other coated products where harmful bacteria can be prevalent.

Keyland Polymer reports that results from independent third-party testing using ISO 22196 standards confirmed that after 24 hours surfaces coated with UVMax Defender showed reproduction of E coli and Staphylococcus microbes were reduced by more than 99.99%.

Keyland Polymer also released its Cleaning Methods Evaluation Report. Report data demonstrates the robustness of a UV cured powder-coated surface when regularly cleaned using common household or commercial liquid cleaning products. This test is a modification of the NEMA LD 3-2000 method 3.4 Cleanability/Stain Resistance, 3.4.5. The test results reportedly confirmed that the use of the cited cleaning products causes no observable or measurable change in surface properties, color fastness, pencil hardness, film build or gloss loss.

“COVID-19 has changed our world and consumers are demanding safer products. Antimicrobial agents are a desired feature and are in great demand, but cleaning is still essential to ensure personal health and safety. We wanted to make certain our UV cured powder coatings are safe, can withstand more frequent cleaning, and give our customers the performance they expect and need from a Keyland UV powder product,” said Rebecca Lonczak, Marketing Manager for Keyland Polymer.

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