LEAWOOD, KS – Specialty chemicals distributor Peninsula Polymers announced the implementation of a Customer Portal to provide customers with on-demand online access to account, product and order information. Peninsula Polymers has continuously evolved its online presence and invested in digital tools to enhance its customers’ experience. Most recently, it has partnered with Datacor to deliver a fully functional portal to support and accelerate day-to-day interactions with customers. Customers can place orders outside of business hours and streamline common tasks with 24/7 access to all of their data.

“Our goal is to be ahead of the curve in terms of providing the information our customers want to see, when they want to see it,” said Ken Moran, President. “We view the Customer Portal as a great first step to achieving that objective and also to demonstrate to our strategic suppliers that Peninsula is committed to serving our mutual customer base in a superior manner.”

Customers can contact their respective seller or customer service representative to set up Customer Portal access or go to www.penpoly.com and select Customer Portal from the main menu.

To learn more about Peninsula Polymers, visit https://www.penpoly.com.