AMSTERDAM — AkzoNobel recently announced that its X-Pro technology, which is already available in Interpon’s D1036 range, has now also been extended to the satin and matt finishes of the super-durable Interpon D2525. This X-Pro line already includes 150 finishes that are Ready-To-Ship (RTS).

Daniela Vlad, Business Director of AkzoNobel Powder Coatings, knows that reputations are built on stand-out designs and architects in every corner of the globe depend on Interpon. “Architects trust in our innovation, and in our ability as a global leader to protect their creations with highly durable coatings that have a quality, reliability and performance that is second to none. Extending the X-Pro family into Interpon’s superdurable range demonstrates our ongoing innovation strategy and our commitment to keep giving our customers access to even more durable coatings in the widest span of colors and finishes to satisfy any imagination,” said Vlad.

The new extended range is available in a collection of colors, including those darker colors where physical imperfections are more obvious. It gives architectural specifiers even more avenues of enhancing the beauty and longevity of their buildings, without the concern of any part of their design, such as a window or door, being scratched in transit or during handling and installation.

Bob Dirks, Global Segment Manager Architectural, AkzoNobel Powder Coatings, expects this X-Pro extension to be well received. “Our powder coatings help architects create the buildings they imagine without having to compromise on finish. With a superdurable powder architectural assets are protected during handling, transport and assembly and retain their superior finish for the years to come,” said Dirks.

The company reports that the enhanced gloss retention and scratch resistance of Interpon D X-Pro have been verified using the industry-standard Martindale Test, which simulates various kinds of marring to measure superficial surface imperfections.

The new D2525 X-Pro is available for customers in EMEA and will be launched in South Asia later this year. Dark colors are in stock and Ready-To-Ship, and other colors are available on demand. Visit to explore the Interpon D X-Pro range.