CLEVELAND — Pison Stream Solutions (Pison) recently announced that the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) awarded the company two new utility patents within two months. Patent No. 10,947,395, an additive platform, uniquely differs from traditional chemical formulations. This Multi-Functional Flow Modifier for Chemical Coating Compositions performs as a flow modifier, wetting agent, gloss control additive and a rheology modifier. Pison R&D has discovered that this modifier formulation enables its use in a wide range of coating platforms and substrates without the need for leveling aids. Pison's Patented Flow Modifier will be distributed under the company's PiStream Product Division.

Pison also received patent No. 10,971,280, which protects a groundbreaking renewable energy application process. This invention, Solar Active Powder for Fusion Powder Coating, was engineered as a continuation of another Pison-created patent composition for Solar Active Powder received in 2018. This continuation patent marks an innovative departure from traditional solar energy processes and how this novel solar powering film can be applied to various surfaces. Renewable energy is a key area of focus for the company in 2021.

Pison's recently issued patents expand the company's intellectual property (IP) portfolio to include six total USPTO-issued patents for the company's R&D, with more than 11 applications pending. The patents range from chemical coating formulations and renewable technology across the additives, antimicrobials, functional coatings, military coatings and renewable energy technology industries.

Taking this inventive momentum forward, Pison R&D is looking to collaborate with leading manufacturers to incorporate its various additive technologies into coatings and is also optimistic to launch its solar technology platform by 2022. Constantly developing, Pison is working on product prototypes and field testing its patents in various industry applications.

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