The CETOL® WF 98xx translucent range of waterborne single-pack topcoats for wooden windows, doors and claddings provides excellent application properties, transparency and high durability. The range is suitable for all kinds of woods, giving a high-quality surface and a great look and feel to any wooden doors, joinery or cladding, while delivering no dirt pick-up and excellent leveling.

The new CETOL WF 98xx range is part of AkzoNobel's global weathering program. With weathering test locations in Europe, North America and Asia-Pacific, AkzoNobel is able to evaluate more than 200,000 samples in a variety of climate conditions and monitor their long-term durability.

Samples are exposed and monitored, with regular parameter checks and visual inspections, in a variety of outside weathering conditions over a longer period of time. By testing against outdoor exposure, Sikkens Wood Coatings can define the durability of the systems and offer reliable solutions. These weather simulation tests help demonstrate that coated substrates can easily endure outdoor weather conditions even in extreme environments, ranging from Arctic snow and ice to the searing desert sun, and muggy, humid tropical climates. The durability of the CETOL WF 98xx range has been proven using these same rigorous outdoor durability tests to provide a high-quality standard across all products.

Steven Sternberger, Product Marketing Director – Wood Finishes and Adhesives, said, "This next generation of CETOL® offers excellent durability, proven through our own test reports and EN certificates. The 'no dirt pick-up' and excellent application properties give a brilliant surface, maximum durability and improved production efficiency. We are thrilled to bring this system range to the market and continue to develop our portfolio of excellent exterior products for manufacturers of wooden joinery, construction and cladding."

Products within the range include CETOL WF 9810-03-xx, CETOL WF 9810-04-xx, CETOL WF 9810-46-25 and CETOL WF 9830-03-05. The company reports that these products deliver superior performance and excellent durability from a single platform. The new range comes in all colors from the Joinery Colour Classics JCC and the Never Ending Impressions color collections.

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