NEUSS, Germany — Grolman Group and Liberty Chemicals srl have signed an exclusive distribution agreement for the ASTROBIO™ product range in the personal care sector for the UK and Ireland.

Liberty Chemicals is a leading Italian company that has been developing bio-based solvents since 2006. Its BioSolvents are dedicated to providing bio-based, renewable-sourced alternatives to petroleum-based solvents. Its solutions are proprietary blends based primarily on bio-sourced ingredients: derivatives of lactic acid and further natural acids, vegetable methyl esters, and bioethanol. Some fully biodegradable organic co-solvents are used to assure customer desired applicative performances. Since the development of ASTROBIO, the company is using its knowledge to improve industrial processes by making them more sustainable. Its aim is to replace all traditional petrochemical solvents with a green-based one.

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