Oxford Advanced Surfaces, a pioneer in the surface preparation of plastic and composite components for painting and lacquering, has developed a new treatment, KOTEFAST™, that reportedly reduces surface preparation time by over 90% compared to the existing approach of sanding. KOTEFAST is available in a water-based formulation, avoiding the need to use solvents in the workplace.

KOTEFAST was tested on a truck panel and the treatment was time recorded at less than 15 minutes. An identical panel took three hours to prepare using the usual method of manual sanding, indicating a time saving of over 90% when using KOTEFAST.

KOTEFAST also delivered a significant improvement in quality, enabled by the high degree of consistency using its straightforward, easy-to-master, spray application process. The adhesion of the paint or coating to the substrate is greatly improved as the KOTEFAST chemically bonds to both using the company's proprietary Onto™ technology.

KOTEFAST's easy application by spray allows even difficult areas, such as internal corners, difficult angles and blind voids to be easily prepared, leading to improved quality finish compared to sanding, including on complex parts — anywhere that can be spray painted can be easily prepared using KOTEFAST.

As well as being available in a water-based formulation, KOTEFAST avoids environmental challenges that arise with sanding, with dust being a potential health hazard. Sometimes the sanding operation needs to be separate from the rest of the production processes, even needing its own building.

Dr. Jon-Paul Griffiths, Chief Technology Officer, Oxford Advanced Surfaces said, "Having a water-based treatment that reduces surface preparation time by 90% could be a game changer. At a stroke we have improved the efficiency and productivity in the preparation of plastic and composite parts for painting and lacquering.

"KOTEFAST has been tested rigorously and is already being used by two OEMs, and we are now working closely with other OEMs and other customers to plot a course for its full integration."

Learn more at www.oxfordsurfaces.com.