AVON, OH — Barentz announced an agreement to distribute XCP Professional's line of high-performance anti-corrosive products, including XCP Rust Blocker ORIGINAL and XCP Rust Blocker CLEAR COAT. These products create a soft, long-lasting protective barrier against the effects of rust and corrosion on any steel, metal or alloy surface.

XCP Rust Blocker is reportedly ideal for preventing rust and corrosion on all types of vehicles and equipment. These products protect against moisture, salt spray and other corrosive elements on exposed metal surfaces, including engine components, suspension units, under carriage, box sections, chrome, chains, electrical connections, motors, shafts, and spindles, as well as tools and equipment for shipping and storage.

"Barentz NA is proud to partner with XCP on their Rust Blocker series products. This product provides documented superior corrosion control over our competitors for all types of equipment in difficult environments," said Jonathon Rhodes, Executive Vice President of Barentz.

For more information, visit www.barentz-na.com.