WINTERTHUR, Switzerland — Coatings thickness measurement technology firm coatmaster AG recently announced the acquisition of CoatChecker GmbH, a specialist in non-destructive measurement of sealing layers. The acquisition combines the technological achievements of both companies into a single portfolio and will drive further innovation in the future. Existing customers of both organizations will now benefit from a broader range of contactless coating thickness measurement technologies.

The global coatings industry is valued at around €100 billion annually and can potentially make savings of some 30% in coating materials through enhanced process control featuring coatmaster’s Advanced Thermal Optics (ATO) technology. As well as savings in coating materials, greater personnel efficiency will result, rejects and warranty claims will be reduced, and CO2 emissions will be lowered.

Nils Reinke, Co-Founder and Co-CEO, commented, “Customers are at the heart of our strategy for growth and this acquisition will help to ensure the continued strength of both our measuring technology and our position in the market place.”