St. Louis, MO



CEO/President: Ravindra Kumar

2020 Coatings Sales: $110 million

ELANTAS PDG, Inc. (EPDG) supplies specialty polymers for the electrical and electronic industries. Key products include magnet wire enamel, insulating varnishes, encapsulating resins, potting compounds, adhesives, conformal coatings and flexible electrical insulation. Products are sold primarily under the CONAP® and CONATHANE® brand names and are used in electronics, electrical and specialty adhesive applications. With sites in St. Louis, Missouri, and Olean, New York, EPDG can serve customers throughout North America. With the support of the ELANTAS sister divisions around the globe, ELANTAS continues to be the leading supplier of specialty polymers for the electrical and electronic industries worldwide.

Parent Company: ALTANA, AG, of Germany

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