Since its formation in the 1970s Falcon Cranes have painted a myriad of products for its customers, primarily cranes, generators and site containers, however their latest project took the company on a prehistoric adventure.

The team were presented with a huge, fabricated dinosaur skeleton that was in need of restoration, including surface treatment and painting. Terry Mulligan, Paint Shop Supervisor, and his team called upon the expertise of coatings partner HMG Paints to assist with the project.

Working alongside Roger Blinco, HMG Paints South East Technical Sales Manager, the team utilized several HMG products including Monothane, Acrythane SC601 and Acrythane 4G Clearcoat. Terry commented, “We’ve worked with HMG for a number of years and knew that their versatile product portfolio would be ideal for this project. The skill and technique that went into this project is applied to all aspects of our spray booth, whether it be commercial vehicles and tower cranes or in this case, a dinosaur.”

HMG’s Monothane is a 2K polyurethane finish designed for use on ferrous substrates without the need for a primer. Acrythane SC601 offers outstanding properties including rapid drying, high gloss and simplicity of use. Acrythane 4G, one of HMG’s market-leading commercial vehicle products, finished the project in a finish normally reserved for high-end and luxury commercial vehicles.

As with many strange requests, the project started with an open ‘What if…” question. From a simple shot blast and respray the Falcon paint shop team took the project to another level, resulting in one very happy customer.