SANDERSVILLE, GA — Burgess Pigment Co., Sandersville, Georgia, recently announced a price increase on all product grades. Effective Aug. 9, 2021, or as contracts allow, the company increased all grade an average of 8%. Burgess Pigment reported that certain market segments will realize significantly higher increases, depending on grade, form, logistics, package and volume.

Burgess Pigment Co. announced that pricing had remained unchanged since January 2018, and cost increases have accumulated over the last four years while the company has strived to manage and reduce customer exposure. The company stated, "In our present environment of unpredictable and uncontrolled raw material and logistics cost increases, we are now forced to address these unrelenting costs pressures with our customer base.”

The increase will allow Burgess Pigment Co. to deliver the quality and service that customers have come to expect. Learn more at