SÃO PAULO — Axalta recently announced that the company was named Best Supplier by CAOA Chery in Brazil. This award is Axalta's second win in as many years. In addition, the company was also recognized for Innovation and Excellence in Direct Purchase.

Both awards reinforce Axalta's commitment to providing the best, most innovative coating solutions and helping customers exceed productivity goals. The fifth edition of the Best Supplier Awards was held virtually and recognized 14 companies whose products and services have outstanding quality, performance and technology.

"At Axalta, we work hard every day to deliver high-quality products, technology and services to help our customers achieve their business objectives," said Mateus Aquino, President of Axalta in Brazil. "We are honored to receive this recognition from CAOA Chery. We look forward to strengthening our longstanding partnership and working together for many years to come."

"The Best Supplier Award is the hallmark of service within the automotive sector. It is a testament to CAOA's top-performing suppliers and partners. We recognize their outstanding service each year," says Ivan Witt, Director of Shared Services at CAOA Group.

CAOA is a manufacturer with the license to produce car and SUV models for Hyundai and Chery in the Brazilian market.

To learn more about Axalta, visit www.axalta.com.