GAINESVILLE, TX — IFS Coatings recently announced the opening of a new powder coating warehouse in Montreal, Québec. The warehouse will serve the east coast of Canada. The new facility will provide access to a large selection of powder coatings. Customer-specific stock program products will be held at the warehouse, ensuring quick, flexible delivery and easy access for IFS customers.

Jean-Marc Blon, Sales Development Manager at IFS Coatings, Canada, commented, “This is an exciting step and a clear signal of our dedication and commitment to the Canada coatings market. With a strong sales and technical service team in place, and this new warehouse, we are excited to even better serve Canadian powder coaters with the unparalleled service and product that is part of the IFS Coatings mission.”

IFS powder coatings has seen significant growth in the North American coatings market over recent years due to a combination of custom focus, flexibility and excellent service.

Blon continued, “With an exciting architectural and general industrial powder coating portfolio and focus, quality product, years of experience and a true focus on solving our clients problems and coatings needs, we are looking forward to supporting our customers in their powder coating operations in Canada.”

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