SINGAPORE - AkzoNobel recently announced the launch of its new Dulux Wash & Wear Anti-Viral paint. The new range adds to Dulux's existing interior washable paint portfolio as an improved variation of the Wash & Wear range that comes with the proprietary KidProof+ Technology, and an added layer of anti-viral protection from the Silver Ion Technology™. The Wash & Wear Anti-Viral paint became available for purchase at all leading paint stores across the country on Oct. 18.

Powered by Silver Ion Technology, the Wash and Wear Anti-Viral comes with an added benefit of anti-virus property that helps to effectively work against certain viruses such as the human coronavirus NL-63 virus. In addition to the anti-viral properties, AkzoNobel reports that its KidProof+ Technology offers a higher level of protection against tough stains and helps make cleaning common household stains on walls easy as it delays stains from penetrating further into the paint film, while aiding to inhibit growth of bacteria on walls.

"At AkzoNobel, we are constantly on the lookout for technologies to push the boundaries in safeguarding spaces and enhancing lives through paint. As the importance of health and wellness gains traction in a post-pandemic world, I am proud that our new Dulux Wash & Wear Anti-Viral can support that vision by protecting our consumers starting from the four walls of their homes," said David Teng, Commercial Director SEAP at AkzoNobel Decorative Paints.

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