MALMÖ, Sweden — Perstorp recently announced that Patrice Pinsard has been appointed EVP Strategic Markets & Innovation. The appointment became effective Oct. 18, 2021. In his new position, Pinsard will drive value creation and growth focusing on Perstorp’s portfolio of specialty chemicals.

Pinsard is an experienced executive with a long track record in the chemicals industry, a PhD in fine chemicals from the Université de Rennes, and an MSc in chemical engineering from Ecole Nationale de Chimie de Rennes. He has held senior positions in companies such as Rhodia and Cognis, and most recently as Global EVP Coatings, Industrial Solutions & Amines at Solvay.

“I am very proud to be joining the team as I believe Perstorp has all the means to grow as a true specialty company that will create sustainable solutions for a great future,” said Pinsard.

Jan Secher, Perstorp President and CEO, commented, “We are excited to have such an experienced professional as Patrice joining us at this stage in our transformation. His appointment fits perfectly with our strategy of focusing more on selective segments and the specialty part of our portfolio. Patrice has proven more than once that he knows what it takes and with his strong result orientation and track record I am convinced this will be a win-win, for us and him.”

In the first quarter of 2021, Perstorp redefined its business strategy to become a leading sustainable solutions provider, focusing on the global resins and coatings, engineered fluids, and animal nutrition markets. With this strategic direction, Perstorp will focus its specialty chemicals growth initiatives primarily on selected customer segments where innovation and services are prioritized, and will focus on Asia as the main driver for future growth. Perstorp’s strategy also reconfirms its aspiration to be among the front-runners in sustainability.

Perstorp reports that in his role as EVP for Strategic Markets & Innovation, Pinsard will drive value creation and growth of Perstorp’s portfolio of specialty chemicals, with an emphasis on the Resins & Coatings and Engineered Fluids segments.

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