SUMARÉ, Brazil — PPG recently announced an investment of $2.7 million to expand its powder coatings manufacturing capabilities at its facility in Sumaré, in the Brazilian state of São Paulo. The project will increase the plant’s production capacity for powder coatings by approximately 40%, beginning in the third quarter of 2022. The Sumaré plant serves the home appliance, agriculture, transportation and general finishing industries, which encompass steel furniture, storage structures, gym equipment, electrical panels and power transformers.

The site expansion will include new equipment that will help to further PPG’s distribution of powder coatings, a highly sustainable product offering with enhanced durability, transfer efficiency and the ability to be reclaimed or reused during application. The investment aligns with PPG’s goal to have 40% of its sales by 2025 from sustainably advantaged products, while also increasing production capacity to meet growing customer demand in Brazil and other South American countries.

"PPG is a leader in providing solutions that optimize processes for our customers,” said Marizeth Carvalho, PPG General Manager, Industrial Coatings, Americas. “The expansion of our Sumaré site reinforces our commitment to grow, share knowledge, develop our workforce and bring innovative, sustainable solutions to the marketplace."

PPG reports that powder coatings are one of the fastest growing coating technologies due to their sustainability benefits and excellent performance properties. Powder coatings do not release solvents given their low-VOC nature and are fully reusable, meaning paint that is not deposited on a substrate during application returns to the paint system to reduce waste. 

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