ANDOVER, MA – ICP recently announced a new brand identity that acts as a guiding principle and promise that encompass what the company is and what it does: Connections that Endure. It is a concept that sits at the heart of all of ICP's businesses, and the company reports that it is the essence of the values that inspire everything ICP does. The new tagline also relates to the specific performance of the product or service ICP provides to customers. 

“At ICP, it’s our goal to collaborate with our customers and partners in a similar manner to how our products perform in an application,” said Doug Caffoe, SVP of Marketing, ICP. “We form precise bonds, vital connections that contribute to the greater strength of the whole. Through this rebrand, we want to clearly articulate the relationships our customers can expect and the value our products can bring to every application.”

The new branding comes as ICP continues to grow its portfolio. ICP reports that it is always on the lookout for strong brands to welcome into its family of building and industrial solutions, seeking to form connections that endure.

With the new brand identity comes a new logo for ICP. The mark’s clean design represents a clear vision of ICP’s future and will become the foundation of a strong, unified visual identity across its family of brands. “Our reestablishment of the ICP identity serves as a means to honor our long history with customers throughout the industry and as a launch point into a future of shared and ongoing success,” said Caffoe. “As always, we’re looking forward to serving the industry to the best of our ability — truly forming connections that endure.”

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