MANCHESTER, UK — HMG Paints recently announced a new coating specification service for the defense industry. The new service will allow engineers and specifiers to identify and select the best coating for their requirements.

Following a period of growth and development of cross-sector partnerships and international collaborations, HMG Paints’ new service is created to take the hassle out of identifying and sourcing the correct Def Stan or NSN number for OEM and manufacturers projects.

“Since our appearance at the DSEI show we’ve seen a number of enquiries from OEM’s and manufacturers who are struggling to identify the correct product and also find one manufactured in the UK and that is available with a minimal lead time” said Alan Sharples, Defense Sales Manager for HMG. “The prime example is people unaware of the change from Def Stan 80-206, Def Stan 80-207, Def Stan 80-208 and Def Stan 80-209 to Def Stan 80-225. Our team at HMG are now equipped to advise specifiers and engineers and take orders which can be shipped immediately across the UK.”

The Def Stan 80-225 system includes a choice of primers for ferrous and non-ferrous parts and an IRR and CARC, Chemical Agent Resistant topcoat, which is available in an assortment of colors suitable for military vehicles and non-aircraft equipment. Following their attendance at DSEI, HMG has witnessed an increase in demand for its Def Stan 80-225 product range, and the product is now stocked and available for immediate release across the UK.

The new standard, which was introduced towards the end of 2018 and replaces Def Stan 80-206, Def Stan 80-207, Def Stan 80-208 and Def Stan 80-209. The HMG products in this range are free from Chrome VI, meet low-VOC requirements, and are IRR and CARC resistant. As a UK-based manufacturer, HMG Paints is able to provide products on demand, reducing extensive lead times previously experienced within the market.

The new service is also aimed to help specifiers and engineers when it comes to identifying products via their NSN Numbers. The 13-digit NATO stock number (NSN) that is allocated to an item is used to identify it throughout the supply chain, and HMG can now assist with paints and coatings related queries. The NATO codification system is used by the army, navy and air force and all items of supply going through the military supply chain must be NATO codified.

With HMG’s unique position as a UK-based coatings manufacturer, it is also able to work with customers to develop new products that can then be codified with their own unique NSN Number. Customers can find out more about HMG’s range of Def Stan products and bespoke coatings development service at

“2021 saw us working with a number of companies struggling to identify NSN’s and Def Stans and ultimately to acquire paints and coatings which were previously imported from abroad” said Sharples. “With more and more paint manufacturers offshoring production and decision making we feel HMG can provide a unique offering to OEM’s and refinishers within the defense market with our specification service and with fast delivery of paint. With all of our coatings being made in Britain it allows us to provide market leading short lead times and technical support.”

Alongside defense standard products, HMG produces a wide range of approved coatings for practically every purpose for the defense industry. Made in the UK, HMG’s product range is suitable for equipment such as containers, trailers, vehicles, bridges and armor. 

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