MANCHESTER, UK — UK paint manufacturer HMG Paints gives innovative coatings a push into agricultural sectors across the UK and Ireland including vintage restoration, OEM production and equipment maintenance.

The HMG ACE (Agricultural and Construction Equipment) product range provides tough and durable 1K enamels, premium high-performance 2K topcoats, chromate-free etch primers and more for agricultural and farm machinery, construction and materials handling equipment, along with brushing and rolling synthetic enamels for restoration projects and maintenance.

HMG produces paints in various color ranges including agricultural, commercial vehicle, RAL and British standard, and even traditional steam train colors, such as Middle Brunswick Green. The company maintains a color library of more than 200,000 colors. Boasting over 5000 custom color matches each year, HMG’s color-matching service produces a consistent result across a number of applications and systems.