PITTSBURGH — KTA-Tator Inc. recently announced the next phase of the company’s transition in executive leadership. Bill Worms has decided to step down as President and CEO effective July 1, 2022, passing executive responsibilities on to Dave McFayden as CEO, and Pete Ault as President. Worms will remain on staff in a consulting capacity until at least Sept. 30, 2022. Both McFayden and Ault have been with KTA since 2019. The company reports that both were brought on board with the specific intention of assuming these top leadership roles.

McFayden is currently Vice President and Business Unit Manager of the Coatings and Facilities Group. He has been in the engineering consulting field his entire 34-year career, spanning program management, client services management, strategic planning, business development and operations management across multiple disciplines in environmental, transportation, homeland security and international engineering consulting

Ault is currently President of KTA’s Elzly Technology subsidiary and Manager of its Professional Services Business Unit. He is a registered professional engineer in Pennsylvania, New York and New Jersey. Through his 35-year career, he has studied coatings and corrosion phenomena on a wide variety of applications, including ships, bridges, pipelines, offshore platforms, storage tanks and historic structures. He holds coatings specialist certifications from AMPP, and is actively involved in AMPP, ASTM and several research programs.