ORLANDO, FL – HB Chemical, a Ravago company, announced the acquisition of J. Drasner & Co. Inc., a supplier of batch inclusion packaging and specialty additives for the rubber and plastics industries. The deal is an expansion of a long-standing relationship between the two companies that began in 1998.

Jason Drasner, the owner of J. Drasner & Co., commented, "We are very excited about this combination. HB Chemical has an outstanding team and together, we will be able to offer our customers better service and more products than ever before."

Joe Moran, Vice President of HB Chemical, stated that this acquisition is bringing together two customer-focused businesses in an agreement that is beneficial to all. "Many of J. Drasner customers are also HB customers and we are excited to work side by side to bring both of our companies together, delivering a seamless transition."  Moran also stated that the Drasner team is the most important part of this deal. "We have worked with J Drasner for over 20 years and now we are thrilled to combine our teams and together offer an even better customer experience.”

For more information about HB Chemical, visit https://hbchemical.com/