GREENVILLE, SOUTH CAROLINA, USA – The Association of International Metallizers, Coaters and Laminators (AIMCAL) honored 2022 Product of the Year, Technology of the Year and Sustainability Award winners at a ceremony during the 2022 AIMCAL Executive Leadership Conference, which took place April 4-5, 2022, in Charlotte, North Carolina.

The 2022 Technology of the Year Award went to Rheonics, located in Winterthur, Switzerland, for its InkSight multi-station, ink viscosity-control system for printing presses. The Rheonics InkSight system delivers quality, cost and environmental benefits by managing all viscosity measurement and control functions, thereby allowing operators to focus on quality rather than measurement.

In operation, an SRV sensor detects changes in ink viscosity and transmits a signal to the control cabinet. The Rheonics predictive tracking controller monitors viscosity, predicts the rate of change and operates a valve to dose solvent as frequently as every 20 seconds to compensate for changes due to temperature fluctuation, evaporation or the addition of fresh ink. The ColorLock software and graphical operator interface allow viscosity to be locked to the desired color density. Automating ink viscosity control reduces setup time and scrap, maximizes print quality and accurately doses solvents, potentially reducing emissions. The compact system integrates easily, offers a high level of accuracy and stability, and requires no recalibration, cleaning or maintenance. Compatible with inks, primers and adhesives, the technology also is used in an array of coating operations.

The judges also awarded a Technical Excellence Award to InkSpec, located in St. Bruno, Quebec, for its InkSpec MIIS-V3 viscometer, model 40339-2200, a patented and patent-pending device that measures and controls the viscosity of process fluids. Based on acoustic suspension technology, the unit is unaffected by flow, micro-foaming or machine vibration. The small, light sensor can be installed in tight spaces and mounted vertically or horizontally. Primary applications include flexographic, gravure and corrugated printing; food and beverage can coating; sheet coating; and medical-device printing and coating. Other commercial applications include adhesives, gloss and coefficient of friction coatings for offset printing; glass, mirror and eyeglass coating; and industrial laminating.

The 2022 Product of the Year Award went to ProAmpac Holdings LLC, Flexibles Division, in Cary, Illinois, for a quilted, multilayer film/foil phase-change mat used to insulate attics in residential, commercial and industrial buildings and reduce energy costs for heating, cooling and ventilating by up to 50%. The 2022 Sustainability Award went to Monadnock Paper Mills Inc., Bennington, New Hampshire, for a 100% post-consumer-recycled (PCR) fiber stock for gift/loyalty cards.

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