WAALWIJK, The Netherlands — Quiminutri Especialidades Químicas, a subsidiary of the IGM Resins Group, has a new name: IGM Resins do Brasil. In June, the company began celebrations for the launch of the new brand and the new structure in Brazil. The rebranding follows the transformation of the IGM Resins Group, and aims to further strengthen IGM Resins’ brand in South America. Along with the rebranding, several other aspects, such as company purpose, global strategy and a cultural agenda are essential parts of the transformation. According to IGM, the change is an important step towards unification and consolidation of the IGM Resins brand.

The business also announced a new IGM Resins building, which is located in the countryside of São Paulo state in the city of Valinhos. Fully accommodating this stage of IGM’s transformation, the new building has new offices with collaborative spaces, a new warehouse with triple the storage capacity, and modernization of logistic operations. IGM also reported that it will soon announce information about a new Development & Application laboratory. 

Mauricio Locatelli, founder of Quiminutri and Regional President of IGM Resins do Brasil, said, “This moment was eagerly awaited by me, because throughout these 18 years, since its foundation in 2004, our company with the support of each of our employees, customers and partners was able to grow and consolidate itself as a regional leader in the energy curing market. It is a new cycle loaded with new pillars and purpose. It is with great pride and satisfaction that we can now say: WeAreIGM – Individually Unique, Together Complete.”

IGM CEO Wilfrid Gambade said, “When walking in a clear direction with Purpose, there is no small neither big steps, there is simply a clear commitment to globally support our partners developing environmentally friendly technologies. I have no doubt on the dedication and passion of our colleagues in IGM Resins do Brasil to further develop our supply and support to our partners in South America.” 

For additional information about IGM Resins, visit www.igmresins.com