RAJAMÄKI, Finland — Finnish-based coatings manufacturer Teknos has installed solar panels at its paint production factory in Rajamäki, Finland. Using solar power is one of the company’s actions to decrease the usage of fossil fuels and to combat climate change. Besides switching to renewable energy sources, the company’s goal is to decrease energy consumption overall in all of its sites.  

“Sustainability has always played a very crucial role in Teknos' strategy and, therefore, installation of the solar panels was an important and tangible action for us to do,” said Petri Holm, Operations Manager in Rajamäki. 

In Rajamäki, Teknos produces powder coatings and waterborne liquid coatings. The use of the new solar panels will cover up to 2% of the energy usage for the whole factory, which means that the majority of the factory’s cooling processes can be run with solar energy. 

The rooftop of the Rajamäki factory was renovated for the solar panels at the beginning of 2022. The factory how has almost 600 solar panels on the roof, generating a yearly total capacity of 210kW and producing 180MWh of renewable domestic energy for the the factory. The solar panel installation is also part of the voluntary Energy Efficiency Agreement initiative in Finland, which Teknos takes part in. The aim of the agreement is to challenge all participating companies to make thousands of energy efficiency actions per year.

For further information, visit www.teknos.com