A leading organic photovoltaic (OPV) materials and process development company has ordered an Advantage Extrusion Coating system from NexTech Solutions, Inc. and FAS Holdings Group, LLC, doing business jointly as NexTech FAS, for integration into a pilot production line. This technology will be used for the development of solar panels in an industry that is predicted to grow to over $30 billion by 2012, according to industry analysts at BCC Research.

NexTech FAS' Advantage Series coating systems, which typically are used in the manufacturing of flat panel displays, have now proven to be capable of precisely coating complex OPV materials, even at submicron thicknesses. This particular system, which will be installed at the company’s U.S.-based facility, will include several custom features to specifically accommodate the plant's proprietary process and materials and is designed to work in a fully automated and controlled environment.

In addition to this order, NexTech FAS reportedly has received significant interest from other players in the photovoltaic market to implement the company’s know-how, technology and ability to develop custom solutions for companies in this industry.

"Our extrusion coating technology has proven to be a great solution for depositing layers of organic photovoltaic materials in a very cost effective manner. Not only is there essentially no material waste, which in some cases is very expensive, but the equipment is also economical when compared to vapor deposition tools and other coating methods. We foresee photovoltaics to be a significant part of our business going forward," said president and CEO of NexTech FAS, Tony DiNapoli.

For more information, visitwww.nextechfas.com.