NexTech Solutions, Inc. and FAS Holdings Group, LLC, jointly doing business as "NexTechFAS," have developed two new products for use in the manufacture of solar panels. The PVScan, an automated optical inspection (AOI) tool, and the PVAdvantage, an extrusion deposition (ED) tool, are designed to decrease the costs and improve production yields in the manufacture of photovoltaic (solar) products.

PVScan is an AOI system designed specifically for solar panel defect inspection. The result of many years of engineering study related to the various defects specific to photovoltaic substrates, the device detects solar panel pattern, particle and overall process defects. Being able to detect defects during the production process of PV modules and correcting these defects in a timely manner not only improves production yields but significantly reduces the overall cost by identifying certain problems early in the process.

PVAdvantage uses high-performance extrusion-type deposition (ED) of photovoltaic materials, including deposition of organic or inorganic solution based materials. It is available for material deposition on a variety of flexible or rigid panel sizes, from G2 to G8. The technology maximizes material use and deposition without the waste associated with alternative methods. This efficient use of materials not only minimizes harm done to the environment through its containment of hazardous waste, but also minimizes expensive disposal costs necessary with traditional coating techniques.

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