The new Encore manual powder spray system from the Industrial Coating Systems division of Nordson Corp. features a plug-and-play design for ease of use and greater productivity. It includes a lightweight gun with On-Gun controls and display, an efficient pump, and simple yet flexible controls with digital closed-loop flow control. The back of the gun features a keypad and display that includes a Mode Selection button with icons, a brilliant blue LED display that indicates values in each mode, and a Gun Purge button.

The gun also features PowerPurge™ technology, which cleans the powder path from the base of the handle completely through the gun, providing consistent spray patterns and powder deposition, plus an extra measure of protection against color contamination when changing colors. Primary electronic and pneumatic components reside in one enclosure, and a compact operator interface panel in another, connected by an interface cable. The control unit allows the operator to match the spray pattern to the part simply by choosing either Smart Flow or Classic Flow Modes. Additionally, the control unit's digital closed-loop flow control adjusts airflow to the pump, regardless of fluctuations in plant air pressure, to maintain consistent, repeatable powder flow.

The pump is designed to provide higher flow rates, with less air consumption, than other conventional systems. According to the company, the result is a much softer spray pattern that consistently delivers coating efficiency and quality finishes for superior performance on demand.

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