On July 26, the Pelješac Bridge, the largest ever EU infrastructure investment in Croatia, officially opened in a grand ceremony. The bridge ranks among the most demanding bridges in the world — not only in terms of complexity of construction but also in complexity of design. The Peljesac Bridge is one of the most important and largest infrastructure projects in Europe. In order to meet the main criteria of quality design, such as stability, durability, economy, and integration into the environment, the inventive design proposed the construction of an extra dosed bridge with an integrated hybrid structure consisting of five central spans, each 285 m, and six low pylons. An especially careful approach was taken to ensure durability for the extended lifespan of over 130 years.

Cortec’s MCI® 2018 was specified on this project during the design phase as a silane-based impregnation with a migrating inhibitor property to protect against the harmful effects of corrosion, thus extending the service life of the bridge. After completion, the Peljesac Bridge will be ranked among the five largest and most attractive European bridges, constructed at the beginning of the 21st century.

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