Paint and coatings brand Valspar announces its 2023 Colors of the Year with 12 trend-worthy, forward-thinking, beautiful and livable colors. This year’s colors are composed of comfort, acceptance and joy – not a temporary solution but a lasting change. 

Valspar color experts have thoughtfully matched each color to a specific facet or emotion of life, all relating to what people may find helpful to complement their space. Homeowners are prioritizing areas of the home with paint to update their well-used spaces. By turning to nature-inspired design, this year’s collection is all about finding new comfort, embracing a flexible lifestyle, rediscovering joy and leaning into the growing DIY movement. 

“Valspar’s 2023 Colors of the Year are usable shades that encourage self-expression and anyone can envision in their space,” said Sue Kim, Valspar Color Marketing Manager. “With our 12 colors to choose from, you are guaranteed to find a color that is picture-perfect for you!” 

The 2023 Colors of the Year 

All 12 colors are available at Lowe's stores, and Independent Retailers nationwide. Please note that color names vary at each retailer. See below for the full list of colors and how they add inspiration in a space. 

  • Cozy White – Comfort – A comfortable white with a yellow undertone that makes a space cozy like a soft blanket.  
  1. Lowe’s: 3008 –10C Cozy White  
  2. Independent Retailer: V168 Nice and Easy  
  • Villa Grey – Mindful – A cool grey that is balanced by the warmth of the yellow undertone, a natural hue like a cotton muslin cloth.  
    1. Lowe’s: 6005-1B Villa Grey  
    2. Independent Retailer: V135-2 Soft Pelican  
  • Rising Tide – Health – A light blue that has a dose of softness, used as a fresh neutral with uplifting qualities of a modern pastel.  
    1. Lowe’s: 4008-3A Rising Tide  
    2. Independent Retailer: V139-1 Sunday Sky  
  • Gentle Violet – Connection – A white softened by a violet undertone, a harmonious shade promoted by digital connectivity.  
    1. Lowe’s: 4002-3A Gentle Violet  
    2. Independent Retailer: V126-1 Orchid Blush  
  • Holmes Cream – Joy – A classic tan that is dependable, with a yellow undertone that gives it new life with uplifting qualities.  
    1. Lowe’s: 3004-10B Holmes Cream  
    2. Independent Retailer: V088-2 Silken Stockings  
  • Ivory Brown – Natural – A washed brown tone inspired by the shades found in nature, a new warm neutral being incorporated inside and out the home.  
    1. Lowe’s: 6006-1C Ivory Brown 
    2. Independent Retailer: V135-4 Oyster Shoal  
  • Blue Arrow – Balance – A cooled down blue with a slight yellow undertone, a beautiful shade to find balance between cool and warm shades in the home.  
    1. Lowe’s: 5001-3C Blue Arrow  
    2. Independent Retailer: V139-3 Lagoon Reflection  
  • Green Trellis – Calm – Tapping into the calming tones of nature, this hazy green has duality – bringing in the calm and liveliness we seek from outdoors.  
    1. Lowe’s: 5006-3C Green Trellis  
    2. Independent Retailer: V097-3 Stormy Day  
  • Desert Carnation Inspired – Faded natural terracotta that leaves us inspired to craft a home with individuality and warmth.   
    1. Lowe’s: 2005-7C Desert Carnation  
    2. Independent Retailer: V085-3 Maple Tan  
  • Southern Road – Contentment – A muted clay with a brown undertone, embracing the life of contentment we seek in living with what we have.  
    1. Lowe’s: 1006-9C Southern Road  
    2. Independent Retailer: V081-5 Aged Bourbon  
  • Flora – Thoughtful – A deep blackened olive, a new neutral being introduced into the home that embodies charm and sophistication.  
    1. Lowe’s: 5004-2C Flora  
    2. Independent Retailer: V143-6 Japanese Seaweed  
  • Everglade Deck – Restored – A deep midnight blue, used as an elegant calming shade to restore our mind, body and home.  
    1. Lowe’s: 5011-3 Everglade Deck  
    2. Independent Retailer: V138-6 Cadet Song  

    Free color tools available from Valspar 

    For small changes to your home that can make a big impact, Valspar offers color tools to help you feel confident in your paint buying decisions. Free Color Consultations from our Color Experts offer personalized advice allowing you to find your perfect color! DIYers can also save a trip to the store by having paint chips sent directly to their home for free directly from 

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