JNS SmithChem LLC announced it has been awarded additional territory to distribute Lorama Group products, especially for the CASE (Coatings, Adhesives and Sealants) market. The product lines include the ColourFal® ready-to-use universal liquid colorants – solvent based, 100% solids and glycol based; Falgel® suspension agents; RheoFal  rheology modifiers; LWD – wood stain and coatings additives; pHLora Zero™ and Falamine® pH additives; and LPRT and InkRes® bio-based resin technology for inks and coatings. In addition to the Southeastern United States, the expanded territory now includes the Northeast and some Midwestern states. 

“We are pleased to be representing Lorama throughout our entire territory to optimize market opportunities and growth potential,” said Keith Walter, of JNS SmithChem. “Lorama has exciting new VOC-free technology and bio-based products, which we look forward to bringing to our entire customer base.”

“The JNS-SmithChem expertise in pigments, colorants, and specialty chemicals aligns perfectly with our business goals to further penetrate the North American market with our colorants and specialty additives for the CASE market,” said Jake Jevric, corporate vice president of Lorama Group. “With the addition of JNS-SmithChem, we have further enhanced our position to continue to offer our customers unsurpassed service and value."

For more information, visit: www.jns-smithchem.com.