Palmer Holland, a North American specialty chemical and fine ingredient distributor, has announced its new distribution agreement with Zeochem. Palmer Holland will be a channel partner in the United States and Canada for Zeochem’s Purmol line of molecular sieves. Purmol powders are excellent moisture scavengers for polyurethane coatings, adhesives, sealants, and elastomers.

Purmol adsorbents are synthetic zeolites in powder form with a complex alkali aluminosilicate structure. This structure is very open and contains pores of a regular and precisely defined size, which allows the Purmol powders to adsorb molecules selectively based on molecular size and polarity. In practice, Purmol powder absorbs water but not solvents, resins, or pigments. Its powder form allows for easy incorporation into formulations.

The Purmol product line has a wide variety of uses. While many current applications are based on polyurethane and other plastics, Purmol powders can be used in numerous formulations where selective adsorption of small polar molecules is required within a liquid or solid medium. Its fine particle size ensures intimate mixing and excellent dispersion.

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