New passive, Pop-Up Spill Barriers from DENIOS automatically engage at the first flow of liquids, protecting against catastrophic spills and sprinkler releases. These barriers can limit the spill or sprinkler release to a single room within the facility, significantly reducing the cost for cleanup or facility damage. Pop-Up Spill Barriers are fully automatic and require no external power source or compressed air supply, and are constructed of solid welded stainless steel for chemical resistance and long service life. This self-contained one-piece design is factory adjusted and lubricated, and easily installed in existing doorways.

When not deployed, the Pop-Up Barrier stores flat in the floor, so there is no need for berms or ramps, and allows for normal vehicular traffic of up to 6.5 tons axle weight to pass. It automatically pops up when liquid enters the built-in collection sump, creating a liquid tight seal that prevents the liquid from entering the doorway. After the event, Pop-Up Barriers can be reset and reused. Barriers are built specifically for the doorways they protect, with sizes from 3-feet to 16-feet wide and heights of 12-inches, 18-inches, or 24-inches tall (16’ x 24” not available).

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