AkzoNobel’s Yacht Coatings business announces a new range of biocide-free (B-Free) fouling control products. B-Free Explore, the first product launched from the line, features silicone polymer technology that prevents microorganisms, such as barnacles, slime, and algae, from forming strong bonds with the hull of the boat, producing a smooth and slick hull – helping to reduce drag.

B-Free Explore is crafted for the leisure boat market. It can be applied to new hulls or directly to existing antifouling, without the need for the removal of the previous anti-fouling coating. Being biocide-free, B-Free Explore provides a reduced carbon footprint. B-Free Explore will be rolled out across Germany, the Netherlands, Norway, and Sweden in January 2023.

For more information, visit: https://www.international-yachtpaint.com.