Cathay Industries has entered into an agreement with Venator Materials PLC to purchase its iron oxide pigment business. Cathay Industries is a sustainable manufacturer of complete color solutions. The company says this acquisition will reinforce its position in the inorganic pigment industry. Venator’s iron oxide pigment has achieved steady growth and maintained profitability amid the pandemic and market fluctuations, demonstrating strong competitiveness and resilience.

“The acquisition of Venator’s iron oxide pigment operation transforms our global manufacturing footprint, providing tremendous synergies and new growth opportunities,” said Terence Yu, Cathay Industries Group CEO.

In addition to Venator’s product portfolio, the purchase includes eight manufacturing sites and one administrative site, across six countries on four continents. With the acquisition, the company hopes to further its global network with customization capabilities close to its customers and partners.

“We will remain strategically focused on continuing Cathay’s exceptional level of quality, product sustainability, innovation, service, and supply chain security to our valued customers and partners,” Yu said.

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