CIN presents a certified system for corrosive environments for categories C3 with very high durability, C4 with high durability, and C5 with medium durability. The tests were approved by an accredited external laboratory that certified that the performance of the C-THERM® S100 intumescent remains unchanged even after aging tests under conditions specified in ISO 12944-6:2017.

Product details:

  • C-POX® PRIMER ZP230 FD: a polyamide epoxy primer pigmented with zinc phosphate that provides high-performance corrosion protection of metallic structures in industrial or building site applications. Applied in a single coat, C-POX PRIMER ZP230 FD provides highly durable corrosion protection for corrosivity category C4, according to European standard ISO 12944. 
  • C-THERM S100: an intumescent acrylic intumescent coating for passive cellulosic fire protection of metal structures, for interior and exterior use, provided it is combined with the appropriate finish. Formulated to expand when exposed to high temperatures, C-THERM S100 produces foam with very low thermal conductivity, which gives it insulating properties for up to 120 minutes.
  • C-THANE® S350: a polyurethane enamel that is recommended for corrosion protection of metal structures in aggressive environments. It is certified as a finish in painting systems certified according to the European standard ISO 12944. With excellent weathering resistance, proven in QUV-A accelerated aging tests, C-THANE S350 demonstrates perfect color and gloss retention when exposed to cycles of UVA radiation and condensation, even after 6,000 hours of testing. 

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