Vibrantz Technologies recently announced its 2023 color of the year. The company's Color Solution business segment’s color science and commercial teams have chosen Approaching Dawn – a violet hue ideal for subtle accents or bold statements in architectural and industrial paints and coatings applications. Vibrantz will release complementary regional palettes in January 2023.

Vibrantz says it releases a global color of the year each winter as part of its ongoing work to promote and meet future customer demand by identifying and staying ahead of market trends, and encouraging broader and varied use of color in paints, coatings, and thermoset plastics markets.

“Approaching Dawn is a vibrant violet hue that imparts a sense of hope and inspiration,” said Alex Capuz, global marketing manager for the Color Solutions segment at Vibrantz. “As a leading global colorant supplier, we aim to predict color trends for the markets we serve.” 

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