RadTech − The Association for UV & EB Technology announced that registration is open for the BIG IDEAS for UV+EB Technology Conference taking place March 6-8, 2023, in San Diego, California. The association is working to finalize the program for BIG IDEAS, and should announce the complete program soon.

Here is a preview of the sessions and topics:

  • How the Global Energy Crisis is Making UV LED Curing the Go-To Manufacturing Solution
  • UV Cure Bio-Adhesives
  • Better, Faster, Cheaper, Greener − Material Demands for Photopolymer Additive Manufacturing
  • Improving Sustainability of UV Solutions with Lower Hazard Raw Materials and Reduced Migration
  • Battery & Energy Storage Solutions Enabled by UV+EB Technology
  • Regulatory Landscape for UV+EB Technology
  • Moving Beyond Medical - Future Industrial Applications for Photopolymer Additive Manufacturing
  • BIG IDEAS For Your UV Coating Line
  • UV-Enabled moisture-curing systems
  • Future of Sustainable Packaging
  • Carbon Dots
  • Dielectric Elastomers and Multilayered Actuators Fabricated via UV Curing
  • More Sustainable Methods for Powering UV Sources
  • Challenges and Opportunities for UV Technology arising from the CHIPS Act
  • Inherently Reactive Acrylic Polymers
  • Forum of International RadTech Organizations Discussing Our Shared Future
  • UV+EB Chemistry short course on March 6

BIG IDEAS offers the industry a forum to discuss the future of UV and EB technologies while learning more about the applications and science that will enable developments two, five, and 10 years down the road. In addition to two days of conference and networking, attendees can also chat with 40 exhibitors showcasing the latest raw materials, equipment, and formulated products.

Registration for the event can be accessed here.