Paul N. Gardner USA introduces a new offering: The New Indoor/Outdoor Digital Thermo-Hygrometer – a multifunctional humidity thermometer that can display temperature, humidity, and time simultaneously. It is used to measure indoor temperature and humidity, as well as outdoor temperature with the included integral 3’ temperature probe. Use the memory function to record and display a record of the max and min measuring values for these parameters over a specific time period.  Clock features a selectable 12-hour or 24-hour display with alarm and calendar. Can be hung on a wall or placed on the countertop with the integral self-standing support.  


  • Indoor temperature
  • Outdoor temperature with 3’ temperature probe
  • Indoor humidity
  • Alarm clock
  • Memory functions
  • Displays centigrade or fahrenheit
  • LCD display
  • AAA battery power


  • Temperature range: -10-50 ℃.
  • Humidity range: 10%-99% RH
  • Temperature accuracy: ±1 ℃.
  • Temperature resolution: 0.1 ℃.
  • Humidity accuracy: ±5% RH (40%-80%)
  • Power supply: 1 AAA battery

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