In line with Eastman’s continued commitment to environmentally friendly products, the company has been recognized by Green Seal® for its Eastman Optifilm enhancer 400 (OE 400). 

OE 400 is a low-VOC-emitting, low-odor coalescent that is compatible with a variety of latex types. Its efficiency aids in the development of latex paints, resulting in a formula with balanced performance properties.

“Over the past decade, sustainability at Eastman has evolved into a fundamental pillar of our organization,” said Levi Aray, segment market manager for Eastman’s decorative coatings business. “We continue to develop new and enhanced coatings solutions that protect our customers’ products and our planet.”

Green Seal’s GS-11 certification standard for paints, coatings, stains and sealers sets strict limits on VOCs and prohibits hazardous ingredients, including formaldehyde and other chemicals linked to cancer and reproductive harm. Green Seal verification demonstrates that OE 400 is compliant with the chemical-specific criteria in the GS-11 standard when used in paints, coatings, stains and sealers with a maximum concentration use of 100%.

OE 400 enables the formulation of low-VOC-emission paints without compromising film integrity, touch-up properties or scrub resistance. Paints prepared with OE 400 have also demonstrated exterior durability following long-term exposure.