Brenntag announced its collaboration with project44 to create end-to-end visibility on Brenntag’s global supply chain. project44 will enable the company to streamline internal tracking data across the entire supply chain, improving end-to-end inventory management and reliability for customers and supply partners.

Brenntag connects chemical manufacturers and chemical users with a full-line portfolio spanning more than 10,000 products and a global supplier base. The company serves as one-stop-shop to approximately 195,000 customers active in diverse end-market industries such as coatings, food, oil & gas, pharmaceuticals, personal care, and water treatment, but also offers specific application technology, extensive technical support, and value-added services (i.e., just-in-time delivery, product mixing, formulation, repackaging, inventory management, and drum return handling).

The collaboration with project44 creates a platform where all Brenntag global tracking data feeds into one single data management system. This enables the company to enhance supply chain visibility and multiple value streams such as customer Track & Trace, analytical products, and cost-efficient end-to-end supply chain planning.

“At Brenntag, we put our customers and supply partners at the heart of what we do every day to ensure we are the easiest to do business with,” said Ewout van Jarwaarde, chief transformation officer at Brenntag. “In our digital transformation, we are unlocking the value of our supply chain data to run the most efficient, agile, and sustainable supply chain in our industry and provide our customers and suppliers with the transparency they need. We are excited to work with project44 using its best-in-class platform, which brings together data across all modes of transportation, no matter where our shipments are – across ocean, rail, our own fleet, or third party fleet.”

“With this transparency of our global supply chain,” van Jarqaarde continued, “We can unlock real value for our customers and supply partners: increasing supply chain reliability, optimizing inventory levels end-to-end, and driving for the most sustainable supply chain, while gaining further valuable insights into global chemical distribution market trends.”

“We are proud that Brenntag has chosen us as their global supply chain partner,” said Jett McCandless, founder and CEO of project44. “Brenntag is the global market leader in chemical distribution, a highly complex supply chain that connects to almost every aspect of production today. Making this complexity transparent for Brenntag, its customers and supply partners is a fantastic use of project44’s Movement platform.”

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