PPG launched its STEELGUARD® 951 coating, an epoxy intumescent fire protection coating designed to meet the demands of modern architectural steel, including up to three hours of cellulosic fire protection. In a fire situation, the coating expands from a thin, lightweight film into a thick, foam-like layer that insulates the steel and maintains its structural integrity, providing more time for people to escape and limiting damage to buildings and assets.

PPG Steelguard 951 coating also provides effective corrosion protection for very corrosive atmospheric environments up to ISO 12944 C5 without the need for a top coat, which also reduces project time and costs to achieve results. It can provide up to 3,500 microns dry film thickness in a single coat and cures rapidly, making it ready to handle the day after application. It is tested in accordance with all recognized national and international fire and corrosion standards, including EN 13381-8, BS 476, ISO 12944, GB 51249, and GB 14907 (for specific environments).

For more information, visit: www.ppg.com.