PITTSBURGH — PPG CORACHAR™ battery fire protection coatings for electric vehicles (EV) cover a wide range of applications, including battery pack assemblies and energy storage devices. The coatings, which leverage PPG’s experience with both industrial and commercial fire protection, improve light-weighting, increase battery performance, and support passenger and first-responder safety in case of a fire.

PPG CoraChar coatings are intumescent – they expand in the presence of high heat or fire to provide an insulating layer to protect from thermal damage. 

The coatings provide cost-effective protection thanks to a spray-on application process that is compatible with mass production by EV manufacturers. The spray-on application improves light weighting and increases battery performance as well as increasing passenger safety.

With only 0.6 mm film thickness, the coating can reportedly withstand a 1,200 °C high-pressure fire for over 30 minutes while keeping the temperature of the substrate under 400 °C. 

Because PPG CoraChar is manufactured with 100% solids and is solvent free, it provides a sustainability benefit to PPG customers.

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