iGM Resins, a global provider of energy curing raw material solutions, announced an exclusive supply and distribution agreement with Qualipoly Chemical Corp. The partnership will allow for the distribution of Qualipoly's full range of advanced energy curing resins across iGM Resinss network. Customers will now have access to a wide range of materials to meet their specific needs, from general purpose resins to specialty resins designed for various industries such as graphic arts, industrial coatings, adhesives, and 3D printing. 

"Today's contract with Qualipoly marks the start of a new phase in IGM's journey, as we now become a pure player in the field of energy curing technology,” said Wilfrid Gambade, CEO of iGM Resins. “With the recent acquisition of Litian and our full portfolio of additives and photoinitiators, we are determined to stay ahead of the curve and bring innovation and sustainability to our global customers.”

“With a shared commitment to excellence and innovation, Qualipoly Chemical Corp. and iGM Resins are striving to meet all customers’ needs,” said Yeou-Liang Tsai, chairman and founder of Qualipoly Chemical Corp. “By joining forces, Qualipoly Chemical Corp. and iGM Resins will bring a wealth of expertise and resources together, delivering even more value to customers and driving growth in the advanced UV materials industry.” 

For more information, visit: https://www.igmresins.com/.