Cytec Industries Inc., West Paterson, N.J., announced the manufacturing startup for select MACRYNAL® high-solids acrylic polyols and VIACRYL® water-based acrylics at the company's Langley, S.C., production facility. The capital investment made at the Langley Plant should shorten the supply-chain process and increase Cytec's ability to respond to customer needs in the Americas. This investment is consistent with the company's global strategy to expand its leading position in eco-friendly technologies, including low-VOC and HAPS-free products.

"The addition of the select MACRYNAL and VIACRYL products in the Americas is in response to the growing market needs for resins, which can help companies meet the new VOC regulations," said Tom Kelly, business director -- Liquid Coating Resins, Americas.

"The new regulations are forcing our customers to look for solutions that deliver higher coatings performance at lower VOC. By transferring the production of these successful low-VOC products to Langley, we can serve our customers better in the Americas and expand our business into new markets," Kelly added.