WASHINGTON - The National Paint & Coatings Association has appealed a court decision upholding coatings-VOC limits imposed by the South Coast Air Quality Management District (SC AQMD). The VOC limits being challenged are scheduled to go into effect this year and in 2006.

In its appeal to the California Court of Appeals, the NPCA says the SCAQMD "ignored evidence" that many of the new VOC limits on architectural and industrial maintenance coatings "are not technologically feasible."

The NPCA noted that the impact of the challenged VOC limits extends well beyond the South Coast Air Quality District, which sets air-pollution policies in the Los Angeles Area. The district's Rule 1113 on architectural and industrial maintenance coatings also was the basis for the California Air Resources Board's adoption of an AIM coatings Suggested Control Measure, which is now being considered for adoption by other air-control districts in California.

Also considering similar limits is the Northeast Ozone Transport Commission, which includes all the northeastern and Mid-Atlantic states and the District of Columbia.

More information is available on the NPCA website, located at www.paint.org.