LOS ANGELES - Dunn-Edwards has made it much easier for architects, designers and contractors involved in green-building projects to navigate the complicated requirements for paint and coatings in order to be compliant with key green programs. A quick-read reference guide helps professionals who are developing projects in the Southwest with a green focus.

There is a section devoted to explaining the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Program (LEED) - what it is, how it works and how projects can become LEED-certified. Details about LEED's environmental requirements for paint are spelled out, along with a list of LEED-compliant paint products.

Another section describes specific codes and procedures established by the state of California for school projects that are even more stringent than LEED requirements.

To obtain a copy of the Green Building Guide, contact Phillip Hain at phain@dunn-edwards.net or call 888-DE Paint.