The industry's latest offerings

Effect Pigments
EMD Chemicals Inc.
Xirallic® T60-25 SW Cosmic Turquoise effect pigment is available with a unique, SW chrome-free exterior durable treatment suitable for applications such as automotive, architectural, electronics and accessories. Its narrow particle size distribution leads to good application results in most paint systems.

Octel Performance Chemicals, Inc.
Octafoam® E-314 and Octafoam E-316 dispersible oil-based defoamers have been developed for aqueous adhesive formulations. Octafoam G-408 and Octafoam G-409 glycol-based defoamers have been developed for use in water-reducible industrial coatings. Octafoam G-409 is particularly recommended for use in the grind phase. Octafoam N-209 non-dispersible oil-based defoamer was developed as a grind-phase defoamer for architectural paints. Octafoam N-213 is a zero-VOC defoamer for use in low- or zero-VOC systems. It is also food grade. Octafoam S-606 is a silicone emulsion food-grade defoamer with extremely high efficiency. Call 800/515.2436.

Fluidizing Additive
Cabot Corp.
CAB-O-SIL® CT-1221 is a hydrophobic-treated silica that meets the performance requirements of new powder coating technologies, such as high-flow systems with lower Tg values, lower cure temperatures, higher particle-to-particle interactions and very low film thicknesses. The material also helps to fluidize metallic particles in special finishes and enables high-quality surface finishes with little orange peel effect at considerably lower fluidizing pressures. Visit

Engelhard Corp.
ASP® G90 and G92 are white, free-flowing kaolins produced by the company's patent-pending process technology. The kaolins feature up to 10 percent Ti02 reduction at equal opacity for reduced total formula cost; superior gloss and reduced haze compared with competitive kaolin products; lower cost and reduced VOC through resin reduction. Visit

Anti-Corrosion Metal Treatment
Lugalvan® Passivation products are a new generation of surface treatments that can be applied to zinc-plated steel surfaces, particularly for improved corrosion protection of zinc-plated steel coil. Unlike other products on the market, they work without heavy metals. In addition to protecting the substrate from corrosion, the surface films produced by treating galvanized steel with Lugalvan Passivation products also have the ability to repair themselves. Visit

Zinc Oxide
Nanophase Technologies Corp.
NanoArc™ zinc oxide employs a novel plasma technology to prepare nanocrystalline materials with highly controlled surface chemistry. Typical attributes are non-porous, discrete, homogeneous, single-phase crystals; available at controllable particle size less than 35 nanometers; with a narrow particle size distribution; high purity; and dispersion stability. Call 630/771.6729.

Formulating with Pliolite® and Plioway® resins permits producers to meet the most stringent regulatory VOC requirements without compromising performance. The resins are supplied in granular form and are finding uses in a variety of applications, such as swimming pool paints, concrete sealers, and vertical and horizontal masonry coatings. The resins are designed to allow the chemist to formulate at higher solids and PVC levels than with traditional polymers, which lowers the VOC of the paint formulation. Call 330/734.1223.

Lyondell Chemical Co.
ARCOSOLV® PMP propylene glycol methyl ether propionate is a non-HAP glycol ether ester. Its broad solvency and slow evaporation rate make it an excellent replacement for ethylene glycol ethyl ether acetate (EEA). In addition, the product can replace Exxate® 600 and 700 solvents, which were discontinued by ExxonMobil Chemical in 2004, in industrial coating applications. Visit

Phosphate Esters
Dexter Chemical L.L.C.
Strodex™ FT-50K, a low-foaming phosphate ester surfactant, enhances color development and reduces color float and rub-up. It acts as an auxiliary dispersant that reduces flocculation. Strodex FT-100 contributes to the dispersion stability of colorants and reduces color float and rub-up in waterborne coatings. It provides finished latex with good mechanical and storage properties and low coagulum. Call 800/339.9111.