CHARLOTTE, N.C. - BASF is launching a new paint-on-demand (POD) manufacturing plant in Monterrey, Mexico, focused on serving coil-coating customers in the Mexican state of Nuevo Leon with faster product delivery and an enhanced level of service.

The plant is a satellite operation of BASF's site in Tultitlan. It will provide small-batch production and delivery of products to major coil coaters based in the region. In addition to production capabilities for batches of 1,000 liters or smaller, the new facility includes a laboratory and technical service facilities. The plant will initially employ 10 people who will be responsible for local production and supply, field technical support, development of new colors and color matching.

The new BASF plant will manufacture coatings utilizing several technologies to meet a variety of customer requirements and specifications. The products produced in the plant will include BASF's Fluoroceram PVDF coatings as well as Polyceram 3100 and 3200 polyester coatings. The plant will also produce BASF's new Superl SP II ULTRA-Cool siliconized polyester, an innovative "cool" coating that offers high reflectivity in a wide range of colors, including medium and dark colors. By keeping the interiors of buildings cooler, without sacrificing color selection, BASF's cool coatings help to reduce the consumption of energy used for cooling, an important consideration in warm and sunny climates like Mexico's.